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May 9, 2020

For Mother's Day we should be especially concerned to show our devotion to the mother of Jesus, Maria Tota Pulchra as the Latin phrase has it, "Mary Wholly Beautiful". Our Blessed Mother's altar at Holy Name has an image that I was told is special because the artisans that made it lost the mold in a fire that ravaged their workshop in Chicago years ago.

Our Lady's face and stance and cloak are very pretty. I suppose the Irish priests who ran the parish didn't mind that she was wearing green. The beauty of the image is only a shadow of Mary's true beauty which I think has to be perfect. Who but the most beautiful woman in the world could be the mother of the most beautiful Son of God made Man?

We often talk about an external beauty as opposed to an internal one. We have all known people whose beauty is only "skin deep" and others whose beauty is deep in their souls. Mary had to be the most perfect creation of woman that God made, totally beautiful both inside and out. Her interior beauty was expressed with her "Fiat". That is the Latin word for "let it be done". Her will was to do God's will. In that she is a tremendous example for us because so often we want to do "our" will, what in AA is called "self-will" and is so often opposed to what God wants.

When we say the rosary, we should think that we are in the company of Mary who prayers for us. She fingered the rosary beads as St. Bernadette prayed at Lourdes and the children at Fatima. She does the same as we work our way through the mysteries. Her company can help us mend ourselves with God's grace. A nun friend of mine used to have an expression, "you're such a tonic." Mary is a remedy to devout Catholics and can comfort us with her care.

I mentioned the prayer of 100 rosaries for my friend who needs a transplant. Several have helped me, but I am only one fifth of the way. If you can say a rosary for Bobby, let me know.

God bless you.

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