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May 2, 2020

This is an image which few of you have seen. We use it for the Two Hearts Adoration vigil that we host every three months. It is an old picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a devotion associated with the First Saturdays of every month and the Fatima revelations.

I put the picture in this blog to remind you that the bishops of our country have reconsecrated our nation to the Blessed Virgin Mary in a ceremony televised yesterday, May 1. Along with the Holy Father, the bishops have asked us to pray the rosary every day in this month dedicated to Mary.

We should say the rosary every day every month, but if you have fallen out of the habit, this is a good time to recover. The rosary has been praised by so many popes and saints that it would take a book to write them all down. Just be assured of its value because our tradition is something to take seriously.

We live in a neo-pagan age when even supposed Catholics have little of the Christian culture we have inherited from 2,000 years of living with Jesus. The rosary is an antidote to the paganism that surrounds us and that we imbibe with our newspapers, radios, and television. Praying to Mary should purify our intentions and clear our minds of so many distractions that hurt us.

If you need to get motivated, write down some people and intentions that you need to pray for and dedicate your rosaries to them one by one. It is a good thing to have an intention behind our prayer, although we should want to be in the Virgin's company just for the peace that it will bring.

God grant this May to be a time of increase of devotion to Mary and our missionary discipleship.

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