• rantall2000

July 23, 2020

I hope you are all praying for a good school year for Holy Name School. We have been preparing the building the last few weeks. Mr. Jones has done a great deal of hard work, including hard physical work, on our floors. I don't know another principal who would work that hard. God bless him.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the school year but I hope that we will open on time because the students need to come to school. Schools were invented thousands of years ago for a reason. We are social animals and we learn best in social environments for most stages of our development. Students and teachers can see each other "remotely" but I really think that there is nothing like physical presence to build awareness and for real learning.

We have been working on things in the school and in the other buildings, too. We need to put a new communicator system in the Absolute House. A pipe burst in the school and we almost had a swimming pool with at waterfall three stories high. I have been talking to plumbers and electricians way too much. Our LED lights in the church will be finally installed next Monday. Tim Cunningham has generously decided to resurface our parking lot. I told him that God would repay him, but please pray for him and all our benefactors. Holy Name has a very loyal base of supporters. I am sure that more than a few of you are among that group. God bless you.

I was crying on the shoulder of Fr. Callahan about all the maintenance issues, including the theft of two air conditioners on the campus, one from the St. John Paul II-Frederick Ozanam Center and the other out of a rectory window. He said simply, "It never ends, does it." I have said for years that our old buildings almost come up with a crisis du jour, like those restaurants that had a soupe du jour. Thank God, He always sends us what we need in a pinch, but I wish He wouldn't pinch so much.

For those interested, I published a few more articles in the Angelus News and one in Crisis Magazine today. God bless you.

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