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Deo Gratias

I wanted to share some good news with you. I put the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Her Son because I believe that the icon is a sign of many spiritual blessings for Holy Name. We know Doc Scullen, the pastor here during the Great Depression put the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help over the doors of the school as a sign of his prayer to keep it open.

There is a new blessing to share with you today. A friend of mine, Bobby Murray sent us a donation of $10,000. He doesn't know that the amount is equal to what we usually are able to make with our Fish Fries during Lent. This year we had only two Fish Fries and we made a little bit of money. I was happy we hadn't lost any capital because our costs were covered. But we were about $9,000 short of what we usually count on. That and the Covid-19 crisis were helping to make this year an uncomfortable one.

But God is good and the Blessed Mother loves Holy Name Parish. I am grateful to my friend but all good things come from God. He uses us to give distribute His graces. He used Mr. Murray to help me sleep better in this time of trouble and we should all be grateful. Bobby is on a list for a kidney transplant. He has to undergo dialysis twice a week. I have made a promise to Our Blessed Mother to pray 100 rosaries for him and his health, physical and spiritual.

If anyone wants to help, please tell me when you pray a rosary for him. I am keeping the accounting in the rectory chapel. We are at one rosary right now. I plan to tell Bobby when we complete the spiritual bouquet.

Keep praying for all those affected by this pandemic. God is with us. Pray that we be with Him and His will.

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