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Covid busting

In case you're wondering on our sanitizing technology, here's a shot of your pastor doing the job. Mr. Jones said it looks like Ghost buster work. There is certainly an aspect of the same.

You might be wondering why this blog has so few posts lately. From July to the first week of October we had the police come out some 25 times for break-ins and stake outs and forensic investigation. All for naught, as far as nabbing the perpetrators goes. They left tools and even a Covid face mask (very correct thieves) but there were no results. We have put bars on the windows, updated the alarm system and put more locks on doors and it's been quiet at the rectory for the past three weeks.

There has been somebody trying to break into the Ozanam Center, however. This has been like some kind of siege. More than borderline irritating, is how I would describe it.

But we have made some progress anyway. New door on the big steps down to the cafeteria, bricked up windows, the stuff in the rectory, besides the tremendous work of upkeep of our plant, which is back to having a crisis du jour. Furnace problems with the school, church and rectory are part of the same. While I write this some workers are in the basement of the rectory changing some crumbling pipes that were leaking on the furnace, which is steam heat. We are also working on the restrooms in the school, for which I have also applied for a grant. It is like what you think about homilies, sometimes it never ends. That reminds me of a joke of Mark Twain. He said every sermon must have a beginning and an ending and the two should be as close together in time as possible.

More next time.

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