• rantall2000

april 15, 2020

I am reading this book about Mary by Baroness Catherine deHueck Doherty, founder of a movement known as Madonna House. The name is a title of Mary in Russian, "Bogodoritza", which means, "She who gave birth to God."

I have had the book for a while, but the quarantine has given me a chance to catch up on my reading. It is a beautiful series of reflections about the Mother of God based on Catherine deHueck Doherty's life experiences. She was born in Russia of very devout parents who taught her from before she could speak to love Mary. One of the first words she learned to say was "Maria".

I was saying my rosary this evening for all the parishioners and it occurred to me to send you this note about the book. The author says that an old Russian greeting was "May the peace of God be with you," and this was exchanged among pious people. The farewell was Marian in character, "May the blue mantle of Our Lady cover you with its gracious folds and keep you safe." That is my prayer for you this evening.

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