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April 14, 2020

I still don't know how to work this the right way but here goes. We have had 53 visits since we started up, so I guess that is a start.

We continue to pray for our sick and infirm. This crisis has been doubly difficult because it includes such isolation. I can't go to visit the sick in the hospitals and nursing homes.

Today I spoke with Fr. O'Donnell who is very frustrated because the assisted living where he stays in on lock down. He said he had some services in the hallways of the nursing home for Palm Sunday and Holy Week but could not give communion to anyone. People stood in their doorways for the service. They can't even have meals together, food is sent to their rooms. I think we will all need therapy when this is over, because it is not natural for us to be closed in.

Fr. Leo, a friend of mine, lost an aunt who was a religious sister for more than 70 years. Because he is in California, he can't come in for the funeral, which would not be what the nuns usually have anyway. Please pray for her, but especially for him. The lady is in heaven, where there is no quarantine, but we slog along.

God will get us through this, and we have to figure out what he is saying to us by this crisis. We can take advantage of the crisis to make our prayer deeper and more compassionate. Make lists of people to pray for. I have found I am dreaming about people I have not seen for a long time. I put them on my prayer list for the day, starting with my rosary and my 100 requiems, a Spanish devotion I pray every day.

God bless you all.

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